turn up

another pastel from the draw
Unison on Wallis paper

back when

way back when I thought I was Degas reincarnated
but here are two pastels from then



a lovely lady, who has a few of my thingsa
sent me this photo of a drawing she had framed.
I love the fact that she instinctively frames them
respecting all the marks and lines I like leaving
around the edge..
and this is me playing  with acrylic markers
and acrylic inks


mixed bag

I love the simplicity of watercolour
 but I love the open ended complexity of acrylics


rude girl

so far so good
this started as this
and has become this - not finished


no title

charcoal, gesso and acrylic markers


the right feel

 charcoal and acrylic markers...
this feels as if it might be on the right track
but I do wonder whether I should cut all
my work into small bits and start off
as a non figurative artist