at last

you may have noticed earlier versions of this
appearing and disappearing...
it has been a pain in the neck but may be finished
pastels, acrylics and various mediums on canvas


green eyes

quite pleased with this
acrylics, pastels and various mediums
on a wooden panel


a study for

I can see a large acrylic in blues based on this
face.... trouble is I have to paint it!


acrylic etc

based on the drawing posted yesterday...
pastel, acrylic and various mediums


first small study

just trying to get to know this face
conte on Stonehenge paper


quite speedy this one - to the point
where I am not sure what - if anything - to do with it
pastels, acrylic and various mediums on largish canvas


sunday surprise

one of those rare pictures that sorted itself out
and surprised me
acrylic, pastel and various mediums on board


one a problem

this is acrylic, pastel and mediums on wooden panel
and the one below is a nightmare for me at the moment
I love this profile but not sure whether the picture
wants to be developed or put on  a bonfire...quite large